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Where Can I Spend My Hoppier Card?
Where Can I Spend My Hoppier Card?

What vendors are approved?

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Where can I see my approved vendors?

If you log into your Hoppier account and look on the right-hand side of your page, you will see that a list of selected vendors your Event admin approved for you to use.

Check your vendor categories for types of vendors that will work for you:

If you choose a specific vendor from one in the list that has been selected by your Event Admin, or just choose a vendor local to you that falls into those categories, your transactions should work!

If you see this banner, there are no restrictions on where you can spend your Hoppier card, you can use it anywhere:

How can I use my Hoppier card at an approved vendor?

You can use your Hoppier card like you would any other VISA! If you're ordering online/from a food delivery app, naviate to the website or app you wish to use, in your phone or on your computer, and input the Hoppier card details when it asks for payment. You can also call and give the card details over the phone when you're ordering.

TIP: Be sure that the Hoppier card is entered as a credit card payment, and all information entered matches your Hoppier account exactly, including name, billing address, numbers, expiry date, and CVV.

Can I spend my allowance on more than one vendor?

Yes, you can spend your allowance on as many vendors as you wish, as long as you're within your spending limits and allowed vendors.

I want to use my Hoppier card at a vendor I don't see on the list?

Just because you don't see a specific vendor listed in your allowed vendors list, this doesn't necessarily mean you can't spend your Hoppier card there! Check your vendor categories to see if your chosen vendor would be approved - for example, if your vendor of choice sells food, and you have the Restaurants and Cafes category enabled on your account, you should be able to spend there!

If you'd like to request a specific vendor that you don't see on the list, please contact Support through the LiveChat so we can take a look into it for you.

The vendor is on the approved vendor list, but I can't put through my order?

If you're having difficulties putting through an order, please contact Support through the LiveChat so we can take a look into it for you.

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