International Currencies?

Adjust your Hoppier account to display in your local currency

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What currency is my Hoppier card in?

The value of your Hoppier card is in United States Dollars (USD). All transactions are in USD. If you'd like to see the value of your Hoppier credit in your local currency, you can use the Currency Converter.

How can I see my Hoppier card in my local currency?

When logged into your Hoppier account, you will see a Currency Converter located where your Hoppier card balanced is displayed.

Here is an example:

Click the arrow on the right hand side to choose your Currency from the drop-down menu:

TIP: Don't see your currency in the list? Let us know, and we will do our best to add it for you!

Does Hoppier charge for any currency conversions in my transactions?

No, never! The Hoppier card automatically takes care of any currency conversations, free of charge.

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