Adding Participants to a Program

Learn how to add, delete and check onboarding status of participants

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Once your program is set up, you need to add participants to the program. A participant cannot sign up for an allowance if they are not added to the program prior to receiving their invitation.

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Add Participants

To add participants to a program, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Manage programs tab

  • Select the program you want to add the participants to

  • If it is not selected, select the My participants tab

Click the +Add participants button, you can then select adding individual participants or upload a CSV

Add individuals - Recommended for when adding less than 5 people

To upload participants individually:

  • Choose the program that you want to add participants to

  • Enter the participant's email address. You can add multiple participants by separating the emails with a comma (",").

  • Click the Add participants button

Add by CSV upload - Recommended for when adding larger lists of people

To upload participants in bulk:

  • Select the Add by CSV upload tab

  • Download the CSV template and fill it out

  • Upload the CSV file by drag and drop or by browsing your computer files

  • Click the Add participants button

Note: Invitations are not sent at this time. To learn how to send invitations, check out this article.

Delete Participants

If for any reason you need to remove a participant, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Manage programs tab

  2. Select the program you want to remove the participant from

  3. Find the participant you want to remove

  4. Select the 3 dots on the right side

  5. Select Remove participant

Click the Remove from participants button to confirm

Check Participant Onboarding Status

Once you have sent your participants you can check which participants have been onboarded and which are still pending.

To check participant status, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Manage programs tab

  2. Select a program

  3. Select the My participants tab

  4. Use the participant drop-down menu to check participant status

    All participants: This will show all the participants added to the program

    Onboarded Participants: This will show a list of all participants that created an account

    Pending participants: This will show a list of participants who have been invited but haven't created an account and set up their smart card

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