All program transactions can be found by navigating to the Transactions tab.

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View Transactions

You have a couple of options when viewing transactions via the transactions tab. You can either:

  1. From the drop-down menu beside "Viewing data for", you can view all transactions from this period, last period or a custom range. This view will include transactions from all programs during those date ranges.

  2. You can select a program to see transactions specifically for the selected program.

There are three columns. They are:

  • Total spent this period: This is the total amount spent for your program. It includes funds spent from attendees who have added a payment method to spend over their balance, and funds spend from the balance that you have provided them.

  • Spent with funds from Hoppier: This is the total amount spent by attendees from the balance that you have provided them.

  • Spent with personal funds: This is the total amount spent from any participants who have added their personal credit card to spend over the balance that you have provided them.

Individual transactions Report

The Individual transactions report will show you a detailed list of all transactions that took place during your selected event.

Transactions by Participant Report

The Transactions by Participant Report will show the remaining balances of all attendees who had onboarded to your program. It will show Participant name, Total spent, Total unspent, and Personal spend.

Download Transaction Data

To download transaction data:

  1. Navigate to the Transactions tab.

  2. Select the program you want to download the transaction data for.

  3. Select Individual transactions or Transactions by participant depending on the report you want to download

  4. Click the Download data button.

Note: The transaction file is downloaded in a CSV format. You can view a sample file here.

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