This email is to recap our meeting about Hopping In, our new initiative. Hopping In will allow parents to list days their children will be absent from daycare and earn a portion back each time a day is booked. On the flip side, Hopping In will allow part time children who need additional care to book daycare with the press of a button.

We are excited for Hopping In to increase the number of children we work with on a daily basis positioning our daycare for success. Success means increased support and better pay for you! We are launching an initiative that will give 10% of the revenues from Hopping In to our staff!   

In order for Hopping In to be successful we need everyone on board. Please communicate Hopping In’s benefits to parents when you see them and encourage them to sign up/use the platform. We are excited for the opportunities Hopping In will bring to improve our business and hope you are too! 

Please reach out with any questions! 



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