Congratulations on your new Hopping In Account! Our team is excited to have you onboard. Together we will elevate the daycare industry to a whole new level. We understand there are a lot things for you to juggle as a business owner and we are here to help! Now that you are ready to take your business to the next level, we won’t waste anymore time. Keep reading for our guide to successfully launch Hopping In at your Daycare!

  1. Invite Parents 

For Hopping In to be successful it’s critical for your parents to be signed up with the platform. As your first step in getting started please invite your parents to register for Hopping In. 

a. Click the Invite Parents Button                            

b. Copy email list from excel or google sheet and paste into the box (you do not have to separate the emails by commas)

c. Click Send Invite  

2. Open Vacant/Available Spots 

From the login page/home screen of Hopping In, click Open Spots. 

a. Select a Classroom and click Open Up Spots

b. Choose which days or weeks to open spots


c.  Select number of spots you would like to add availability for (full and half day).

3. Inform Staff of Incentive 

Ensuring your staff members are communicating Hopping In to parents is critical to  the success of the program. Find our suggested staff email here

4. Add Hopping In Link on Website 

Please place on your website so parents can easily sign up and add vacant days or book care!  

5. Announce on Facebook 

Use one of these Flyers to announce the launch of Hopping In on your social media channels. Click here! 

6. Approve Drops & Add Vacancies Daily (Prior to 6pm) 

To ensure you make the most Set a daily calendar reminder to approve drop spots, and list vacancies daily, prior to 6pm! An email will also be sent to you anytime a parent requests a drop!

7. Give out Parent Info Cards 

Our info cards are a great way to remind parents about your new program, Hopping In! Once registered we will send these out to your daycare center. Please make sure you pass these out to parents as a friendly remind of the benefits Hopping In offers! 

Congratulations! You are well on your way to adding an new revenue stream for your daycare! These steps are important in order to successfully launch Hopping In at your daycare.  Please let us know if you have any questions! Our Customer Success Team will be more than happy to assist you in anyway. 


Hopping In Team 

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