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Getting Started

  1. Visit us at

  2. Log in to your daycare account.

  3. If you do not have an account click here to create one.

Open the Admin drop down menu

  1. Click on the Admin drop down menu

  2. Click Classrooms

Add a classroom

Click + Add Classroom

Register your classroom

  1.    Complete the Register Classroom form.

  2.    Use the drop down box to select classroom age range you can use weeks or months.

  3.    Choose the days this classroom is open by checking the box next to the day.

  4.    Choose the cutoff time for parents to purchase a spot.

  5.    Enter the maximum capacity for your room. We will keep track so you are never overbooked through our app.

  6.    Enter the price parents will see for a full day in this room.

  7.    Enter the credit parents will receive if one of their spots is sold.

  8.    Click Add Classroom.

Set up half days

  1. If you've decided to allow half days, this dialogue will pop up.

  2. Use the green sliders to set the times you would like to offer for AM and PM half days. (This will also allow you to sell full days by default, but allow your parents to purchase a half day if they choose to).

Confirming your updates

Click yes to confirm the updates you have made.

Mission Accomplished

You have successfully added a classroom to your daycare!

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