If you don't want to enter a phone number into Hopthru to create an account, you can use Hopthru as a guest. 

Upon first downloading and opening Hopthru, you will be taken to a screen with three options including; Sign Up, Login and Continue as a Guest. Tap on "Continue as a Guest" at the bottom of the screen to get started. 

When using Hopthru as a guest, there are a few features that we are unable to support. These unsupported features are listed below...

• First pass discounts for new riders
• The ability to recover passes if you lose your phone or delete the Hopthru app
• The ability to transfer passes between devices

All of these limitations will be displayed in the app after you tap on "Continue as a Guest." 

If you have Apple Pay or Google Pay installed on your phone, it will be pulled in as your default payment method, allowing you to buy passes without entering any payment information into Hopthru. 

Hopthru currently does not support converting your guest account into a real account. To create an account once you've already used the app as a guest, you will need to delete Hopthru and reinstall it. All of your guest account's data (including unused passes) will be lost once you uninstall the app.

Happy riding!  🚌⛴🚎

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