1. Go to Staff Directory

2. Locate the employee you would like to edit, select Payroll Info in the dropdown and click GO

3. Scroll down to the Employee Payroll Info section and click on EDIT

4. Next, scroll down you see Tax Details: Employee MTD and Income Info (in MYR). Input the necessary information. 

Is it mandatory to update historical payroll data?

It's necessary to include the employees past payroll data if you opt for computerized calculation method in order for the MTD to be calculated correctly.

If you're running for May payroll, the past payroll data that's needed to be included will be the accumulated amount from January to April. For example:

Gross salary: RM16000
EPF: RM1760
MTD: RM53.40

The information in the employee tax details should be as follows:
Tax Details: Employee MTD and Income Info for the year 2020 (in MYR)

Tax Details: Employee Deduction Info for the year 2020 (in MYR)

In the LHDN PCB calculator, the accumulated amount will be in the following columns:

On the other note, the employees income and tax details recorded under their payroll info will also be reflected in the EA form, which can be generated in the company payroll info page.

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