In the event where there's been changes to your schedule and you need to revert an approved leave, you may refer to the following steps to request for a cancellation.

This can be done via your mobile app or desktop.


Requesting Leave Cancellation via Desktop

1. Go to your profile by clicking on My Profile.

2. Next, navigate to the Leave tab

3. Scroll down to the Leave History section.

4. Locate the approved leave you'd like to cancel, then select ACTIONS>Update.

5. Lastly, in the pop-up screen, select Request to Cancel.

A notification will be sent to you once your approving manager has approved the cancellation.


Requesting Leave Cancellation via Mobile

1. Go to the Leave tab.

2. Scroll down and select My Leave History.

3. Navigate to the leave you'd like to cancel and select View Status History.

4. On the top right corner, select CANCEL.

5. Lastly, select SUBMIT.
[Note: You may also add a note to indicate reason for cancellation]

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