1. Go to view your profile.

2. Click on the "Claim" Tab.

3. In the Claim Tab, click the expand arrow on the right end of the "Claim Application" section.

4. Click on "Create" button beside the expand arrow.

 5. Fill the form with necessary information for claim application.


  • Title: Claim application title

  • Tick "Do not reflect claim in payroll" if you don't want to include this claim on payroll [Note: With this ticked, status will automatically change to processed]

  • Date: Date when this application is taken

  • Attachment: Upload any attachment for this application (optional)

  • Description: Put any description for this application

  • Reference and Code: Put any reference or code (optional)

  • Claim Type: Choose claim type that has already been assigned to this employee

  • Currency: Choose any currency that this application will be paid with, by default it will use the currency the company is set in

  • Tax: Tax option for this application

  • Amount: Amount that will be taken in this application

  • Rate: Available to fill if the currency chose differs from the company currency

  • Tax %: Available when Tax set to ‘With Tax’ 

  • Nett Amount: Total calculated amount (if there is a rate set, it will be multiplied with it)

  • Only PDF, JPG, JPEG and PNG can be attached on a claim application at the moment.

You can click ‘Add More’ button if you want to create multiple claims in one application.

6. Once you're done, click Create

Note: Upon creating the claim application, the status will be in 'Draft'.

7. Once created, head over to the 'Claim Application' section to see all of your claim applications, you can edit it by clicking at the "Action" button then select ‘Submit for Approval’.

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