1. Go to Manage Company option on the left sidebar 

2. Navigate to Leave tab

3. Next, scroll to the Leave Types section

4. Click Create

5. Tick the Leave entitlement increases after a set period and indicate the total leave days

Note :

- Based on the above setting, the total leave days will be:
Year 0 : 12 (days)
Year 1  : 12 (days)
Year 2, etc : 12 (days)

Employee A join date is 1 February 2020,
on the 1 February 2021 the leave will reset to 12 days (year 1 : 12 days),
on the 1 February 2022 the leave will reset to 12 days (year 2 : 12 days).

- If you'd like to set increment to the total leave days based on the years of service, use the 'ADD MORE' then indicate the leave day:

Assuming the an employee is entitled to 7 days annual leave in year zero (upon confirmation), 14 days in the second year (>24 months), 20 days in the fifth year (>60 months) and so forth.

The setup in HReasily will be as follows:

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