1. Go to Manage Company

2. Navigate to the Time Attendance Info tab.

3. Scroll down to Time Attendance Data Report.

4. Select staff name and range date if you want to download specific data.

5. Click Search button to proceed.

6. Click the Download icon button to start generating report.

7. Choose Microsoft Excel version you'd like to export.

Important Note:

  • In the list of employees, system will filter by categorizing the employees with the following status: Current Employees & Inactive Employees.

Type of Employees

Employment Status

Current Employees

Probation, Confirmed, Interns, Temp/Contract Staff, Consultant, Working Overseas.

Inactive Employees

Resigned, Dismissed

  • Depending on the employee’s latest employment status - the employee will fall under either Current Employee or Inactive Employee categorization. It will be based off the “Effective from” date.

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