1. Go to Manage Company found on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to the Payroll tab

3. Scroll down to the Year End Tax section and click CREATE

4. In the pop-up screen, select Year Assessment you'd like to generate, and then click CREATE

5. Once created, click on ACTIONS > Manage

6. Next, head over to the Setup tab

7. Under Company, ensure that all mandatory fields are filled and updated. If you require to make any changes, simply click on the EDIT button

[Note: Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk*]

8. Next, Go to the Employee tab

9. On the employee page, go ahead and indicate the following:

a. Select the employees you'll be generating the forms for

b. Choose between the IR56B and IR56M forms to be generated for each click

c. Click SAVE

10. Once completed, head over to the Pay Items tab

11. Here, you'll have the option to remap your custom pay items to the correct IR56B and IR56M code.

[Note: By default your pay item(s) will be mapped to the code indicated in your pay item setup]

12. After confirming the mapping, you are ready to generate your IR56B and IR56M files by heading over to the IR56B or IR56M tab and click on the GENERATE IR56B/IR56M FILES button.

13. Depending on the number of employees that is being process, the system will require 3-15minute to prepare the files through a queue which will be indicated.

14. Once processed, you'll be able to download the files for individual employees or all employees.

15. Lastly, once you've downloaded and completed your submissions, go to Year End Tax, click ACTIONS > Mark as Submitted to lock your previous payroll from future amendments.


Additional Help:

1. If further changes are made after the initial file generation, you may re-generate the files to reflect the recent changes by clicking the RE-GENERATE IR56B/IR56M FILES.

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