1. Go to the employee basic info and make sure all the required details are filled in, especially the address and phone number or email.

2. Go to employee payroll info of the employee that you wish to pay using a credit card. Click on the "Edit" button then select "Credit Card" on Payment Mode and click on the "here" link.

3. It will redirect you to an external webpage to finish setting up an account for the employee.

4. Here you will fill up the necessary details.

5. If your employee is present, they can retrieve their info using their Singpass.

6. If not, click on continue and proceed with these steps:

  • Click on provide a picture of an identity document

  • Select the method you want to use

  • Select how you want to send the info to your employee to complete the registration

7. Your employee will receive a link and will complete the registration.


1. This feature is only available for Singapore Payroll version.

2. Here's the charge if you choose to use Credit Card to pay salary to staffs:

  • Visa 1.8%

  • Master Card 4%

  • Other Credit Card Type 4%

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