1. Tap on "Leave" icon.

2. Tap on "Apply" button at the top right.

3. In the leave application form, you will need to input the Leave Type, Leave Date, Leave Document and Notes accordingly. 

4. Tap on the Leave Type field to choose a leave type. Select the leave type of your choice then tap on "Done" button.

5. Next, tap on Leave Date field to select the date of your leave application. Then tap on "Done" button.
Note: Select all dates of leave application.

6. If you are applying for half day leave, tap on "Half Day" then select either AM or PM.

7. To upload file, tap on the grey area on "Leave Document" (max 25MB). 

8. Tap on "Notes" to add notes on leave application.

9. Once completed, you may submit your leave application by tapping on the "Submit" button.

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