1. Go to Manage Company option on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to Leave tab

3. Next, scroll to the Leave Types section

4. Click Create

5. In the Leave Entitlement Mode, select 'Employee receives a prorated....'


  1. If you select prorated leave, Common Leave Year Period will be mandatory.

  2. If the Leave entitlement increases after a set period setting is also enabled, only after upon completion of 1 year, employees will receive their next year increment.

  3. Upon enabling prorated leave, you may choose to set the Rounding Options.

6. Tick the Leave entitlement increases after a set period and indicate the total leave days

7. Set the Common Leave Year Period Date (renewal date)


Assuming the following settings are used:

Accrual days:
Year 0: 12 days
Year 1: 14 days

Leave Year Period: 1 January

Employee's Join Date: 1 June 2021

Between the employee join date until 1 day before the Leave Year Period 2021, the system calculates the prorated leave, similar to when prorated leave setting is used as a standalone:


Join Date

No. of completed months in Y0

Prorated Leave in Y0

first day mid month




Between the leave year period 2021 until 1 day before the next leave year period 2022, the system sums up the remaining leave in Y0, and the prorated leave in Y1.

We take into account the setting used for Accrual leave (Y0: 12 days, Y1: 14 days) as seen below:


Employee 1 year anniversary

No. of remaining months in Y0

Remaining Prorated leave in Y0

Prorated leave in Y1

Remaining leave in Y0 + prorated leave in Y1

First day mid month






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