In BIBPlus, you can submit payroll payments to staff via bulk online creation. Types of bulk payroll available are

a. Bulk IBG Express (payment to accounts with UOB only)
b. Bulk IBG Normal (payment to accounts with various banks)

  • To create a new Bulk Payroll Transaction on BIBPlus

  1. Go to Cash Services > Bulk Services

2. Select the Company ID, Bulk Product Type and Account number to transfer the funds from

3. Create transactions for the bulk

4. Step 4: The respective transaction screen will be displayed base on the selected bulk product type i.e. IBG, CO, TT etc
• Complete the transaction details as per creating a single transaction • Click “ADD” button

5. Complete the transaction by clicking SUBMIT button

6. Approve the transaction

Successful Approval of Bulk Transaction & Submission to the bank for processing

7. Retrieve the Return Fate File

Sample Bulk Transaction History/Summary screen

  • To create new Bulk transaction from a pre-saved Bulk Template

  • To create new Bulk transaction from a previously completed Bulk transaction

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