Leave module allows your staff to apply annual leave, vacation leave, sick leave, unpaid leave and other types of leave. Approving leave officer will be in full control to get notified and approve these requests.

Step 1: Managing Leave Permission

We have three types of leave permissions.

Leave Manager

  • Administer staff leave

  • Can directly approve employee leave ( assign/unassign)

Recommending Leave Officer

  • Recommend the leave to the Approving Leave Officer 

Approving Leave Officer

  • Approve leave assign under his/her name

Step 2: Creating Company Leave Type

Company Leave types are leaves which can be assigned to specific employee that can be used when applying leave.

You may view these articles to create / edit leave type.

Name - Describes the name of the leave.
Working Days - Working days of the week except for rest day and holidays.
Calendar Days - All days in the month including weekends and holidays.

Unpaid Leave - No Pay Leave that will be synced to payroll run.

Leave Entitlement Mode - Assign leave entitlement based on the 3 available options

Leave Entitlement Increases after a set period (Accrual Leave settings) - Leave entitlement change every year.
Leave Entitlement - Number of days of  leave employee entitled to take in a year.
Rollover - Number of days that can be rolled over.
Common Leave Year Period - Specify period of time, leave to be reset either calendar/fiscal year.

This leave can be applied for - To determine 'when' the staff can apply for leave.
Minimum Leave Taken - Minimum leave days to be taken.
Minimum Days Notice - Notice period before applying leave.

Kindly refer here for more Leave Glossary details

Step 3 - Assigning Leave

After creating leave types, you can either individually or multiple assign to the employees. Once assigned, we can assign a leave officer - either recommending for approval or approving officer.


  • Upon enabling Leave increases after a set period, kindly use assign individually to the employees.

Step 4 - Apply Leave

Once your settings are setup, you are now ready to apply leave.

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