Claim module allows your staff to reimburse their expenses such as traveling, transport, mobile, entertainment and so on.

Step 1: Managing Claim Permission

We have three types of claim permissions:

Claim Manager

  • Administer staff claim

  • Can directly approve employee claim (assign/unassign)

Recommending Claim Officer

  • Recommend the claim to the Approving Claim Officer 

Approving Claim Officer

  • Approve claim assign under his/her name

Step 2: Creating Claim Types

Company claim types are claims which can be assigned to specific employee that can be used when applying claim.

Create claim pay item that can be used in creating claim types.

  • Type Name (required) : Name of that claim types

  • Maximum Limit : Maximum limit that an employee can take

  • Maximum Limit Value (required) : Put the number of maximum limit, if it is % then put percentage number without “%” symbol, and if it is not % then put a fixed number

  • Days after joined date before claim is available: Put the number of days which employee can take this claim after certain days of joining company

  • If you don't want to include this claim type in payroll then untick "Include this claim type in payroll'

Step 3: Assigning Claim

After creating claim types, you can assign to the employees. Then we can assign a claim officer - either recommending for approval or approval.

Step 4: Apply Claim

Employee can now apply claim based on the assign claim types. They can also submit multiple claims in one entry including their attachment (JPEG or PDF).

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