Here's how you can process your employee's salary on UOB Business Internet Banking Plus (UOB BIB Plus)

Ensure that you've exported your salary payment BIB Plus File from HReasily. If you are unsure of how to, kindly visit the following guide


1. Login to UOB BIB PLUS and go to Payment Services Bulk Services

2. Click Create Bulk Transaction > File Upload  > select necessary info under General Details > Click “Add a file” to browse the txt file

3. After file is added, select file type as "IBG payroll with payment advice (Employee)", then click Upload.

4. Go to File Upload Results > ensure File Status change to Successful > click ‘folder📁 icon under Actions

5. Click the BIB Ref Number hyperlink

6. Click Submit to send the transaction to Authoriser


  1. Kindly take note of UOB IBG services cutoff time, daily 5pm. If exporting the Giro file for the following working day, kindly ensure that the Value Date is updated accordingly before downloading the Giro File from HReasily.

  2. Kindly DO NOT change/amend the exported file name unless you are uploading multiple Giro Files on the same day.
    • If so, kindly rename the last 2 digits of the file name in a sequential manner. Example: UIEI031101, UIEI031102, UIEI031103

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