Payroll often consist of more than just an employee's basic salary and statutory submissions. It is common to have additional additions/deductions to the basic salary like bonuses, advances, claims, allowances and more. These can be managed by creating your very own custom pay items. 

1. Go to Manage Company

2. Navigate to the Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to the Pay Item List section and click CREATE

4. Fill in the necessary details and click SAVE.

Sample for Singapore users

[If category is set as addition, the pay item amount will increase gross salary. If set as deduction, it will reduce the gross salary amount]

Sample for Malaysia users

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Additional Notes:

  • Pay items need to be created before setting up Claims Type and Time Attendance Pay Items

  • Pay Items for claims MUST BE set as Variable Amount Type > Ad-Hoc Amount.

  • Pay Items for Time Attendance recommended settings: Variable Amount Type > Percentage (%) of hourly rate.

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