HReasily's time attendance helps automate overtime, undertime and lateness calculations and speeds up payroll processing.

With the flexibility to have time attendance data imported from third party clock-in devices or fed directly via HReasily's facial recognition time-in feature, the following guide will walk you through everything needed to know about setting up HReasily's Time Attendance.

The guides cover all essential areas as follow:

1. Setting Up

i. Setting Up Time Attendance Pay Item(s)

ii. Setting Up Time Attendance Tolerance Calculations

iii. Setting Up Timesheet Approvers

1a. If utilizing HReasily's facial recognition:

i. Enabling Time-In via Mobile or Kiosk

ii. Facial Recognition Registration

iii. Setting Up Time-In/Out Locations

1b. If using HReasily Mobile Attendance without Facial Recognition

i. Enabling Mobile Timing In/Out without Facial Recognition

1c. If using third party clock-in devices

i. Importing Time Attendance Data

2. Generating Timesheets and Processing Payroll

i. Creating Timesheets

ii. Managing Timesheets

iii. Syncing Time Attendance with Payroll

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