To manage/update your timesheets,

1. Go to Manage Company

2. Navigate to the Time Attendance Info tab.

3. Scroll down to Time Attendance Timesheets, click on ACTIONS > Manage

4. On the timesheet page, you may filter the employee's timesheets where you'll be able to see a summary of the overtime, lateness and undertime.

5. To view the breakdown, simply click on ACTIONS > View

6. To edit the related pay items, go to ACTIONS > Update

7. In the Update page, you can adjust the Pay Item and select which ones to Push to Payroll.

8. Once completed, you may go ahead and submit the employee's timesheet for approval.

Important Note(s):

  • Once Timesheet is submitted for approval, user will need to click APPROVE.

  • Timesheets must be approved in the same period as the payroll run in order for information to sync.

  • User must click on COMPLETE TIMESHEET GROUP before data can be synced into payroll.

Final Guide: Syncing time attendance with payroll

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