First things first, you'll need to setup teams and assign employees accordingly. Let's dive right into it.

1. Go to Company Information

2. Next, navigate to Scheduling

3. Upon loading for the first time, you'll be directed to the setup page to create a team. Go ahead and fill up the TEAM NAME * and team description (optional), then click NEXT

4. Under Team's Location, input the location details of the assigned team. To proceed, click NEXT

5. Next, go ahead and indicate the TIME ZONE and CURRENCY associated to the team. Once completed, click NEXT

[NOTE: The indicated currency will be used when managing team budget]

6. In this section, go ahead and tick the employees you'd like to assign to the team. You may also update their permission(s) should they be tasked to manage/edit schedules. Click NEXT when done

7. Lastly, indicate the targeted team budget and click FINISH

8. There you have it! You've successfully created and assigned employees to a team.

Additional Help:

1. To create additional teams, go to TEAMS > Create Team +

2. To change/update team settings, go to TEAMS > ⋮ > Team Settings

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