If you are adopting HReasily midway through the financial year, it is most likely that you'll have historical payroll data to update in the system.

This is especially important if you are utilising the computerised calculations method for employee's PCB/MTD. Since, the computerised calculation method considers the previously contributed amount to accurately calculate the following month's deduction, it is crucial that all historical contributions are updated.

In HReasily, there are 2 methods of entering historical payroll info:

  1. Running adhoc payroll (Recommended)
    You may run adhoc payroll for each month and key in the historical data.

  2. Update historical income on the employee payroll info page
    Another method is to directly key in the staff total income in their payroll info page.

While both methods will allow you to generate an accurate EA form during the year end tax filling, method 1 allows user to also generate monthly payroll reports and backdated payslips for employee(s) thus making it the recommended method.

1. Go to the Dashboard


3. In the pop-up window, indicate the backdated payroll period (Example: 01 Jan - 31 Jan 2020) and click CREATE AD HOC PAYROLL

4. Once generated, click MANAGE

5. Lastly, enter the historical payroll data for the related employees in the table and click APPROVE

6. Repeat the above steps for the subsequent months until all backdated payroll has been processed.


  • It is common for slight discrepancies to occur under the statutory calculations due to previous mistakes / non-compliant software.

    Since these statutory contributions have been processed, the backdated entries must follow exactly. To do so, simply disable HReasily's automated calculation to adjust the statutory amounts.

2. Update historical income on the employee payroll info page

1. Go to Staff Directory option on the left sidebar.

2. Locate the employee you would like to edit, select Payroll Info in the dropdown and click GO

3. Scroll down to the Employee Payroll Info section and click on EDIT

5. Next, scroll down to the related Tax Details section and input the necessary information

Important Notes:

  • Be sure to include:
    Gross Salary, Total Accumulated MTD (Employee MTD and Income Info)
    Socso and EPF (Employee Deduction Info)

In the LHDN PCB calculator, the accumulated amount will be in the following columns:

6. Repeat steps for the other employees

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