Here's how you can process your employee's salary on Straight2Bank Classic Internet Banking.

Ensure that you've exported your salary payment CSV File from HReasily. If you are unsure of how to, kindly visit the following guide


1. Login to Straight2Bank Website

2. Click on the Bulk Import under Transactions > Utilities section

3. Choose File Type and browse your CSV file

4. After file is added, click Import and the system will show the message

Important Notes:

  • The successful imported instructions will be in Complete status.

  • All of the batched payroll instructions will not be debited individually but totally, by default. There will be only one transaction detail on the bank statement with the total amount instead of several transaction details.


Upon importing, follow these steps below to check if the imported files are valid or not.

1. Go to Transactions > Utilities section then click View Imported Files

2. Choose File Type and click Search

3. Click the yellow icon to see the details

4. The system will show the error details

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