This guide covers everything you need to know for filing year end tax:

  1. Configuring and Finalising Year End Tax Filing Settings

  2. Generating IR8A / IR8S Files

  3. Generating A8A / A8B File

  4. Submitting IR8A/IR8S/A8A/A8B directly to IRAS via API

  5. Editing IR8S Form

Generating and Preparing Year End Tax Filing

1. Go to Manage Company found on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to the Year End Tax section, expand it and click the Create button

4. System will prompt a pop up form where you'll can choose the Year Assessment and File Type. Once selected, click CREATE.

5. Once created, Click ACTIONS then select Manage

6. On the manage page, head over to the Setup tab.

7. Firstly, double check the accuracy of your company info. You may click EDIT to amend/update any info.

8. Next, under Setup, head over to the Employee Tab

9. Select the employees whom you'll be preparing tax filings for and click SAVE

[Note: Tick on the Generate A8A and Generate A8B for those employees that require the forms]

10. Lastly, under setup, head over to the Pay Items tab where you'll be able to double check if all pay items are mapped to the correct IR8A Code

11. If you'd like to generate A8A forms, select the IR8A code to "D9 - Value of benefits in kind".

[Note: For A8A code, you may choose based on the items that is related to the pay items (i.e Hotel etc)]

12. Once completed, you are ready to generate your IR8A / IR8S / A8A / A8B files

Generating IR8A & IR8S File

1. To generate your IR8A/IR8S File, head over to the IR8A tab

2. Click the GENERATE IR8A FILES button
Note: Clicking the GENERATE IR8A FILES will also generate the IR8S Files

Note: Depending on the number of employee(s), HReasily will take anywhere between 1 - 5 minute(s) to prepare the files.

3. Once generated, you'll be able to download employee IR8A/IR8S pdf file as well as TXT (AIS) file.

Important Notes:

  • IR8S will be generated in the following events:
    ‣ Pay Item is tagged to IR8A code D7 (Employer Excess / Employee Voluntary)
    ‣ Voluntary CPF contribution is enabled under the Company Payroll Info
    ‣ A tax amendment is processed.

Generating A8A & A8B File

1. To generate your A8A File, head over to the A8A tab

[Note: Be sure to generate IR8A first before proceeding to A8A tab]

2. Once A8A files are generated, you'll be able to download employee A8A pdf file as well as TXT (AIS) file.

[Note: Files will be generated only for those selected employees' names on the Setup > Employee]

3. If you have yet to add the pay item into the payroll, scroll down to manually input the amount under "Appendix 8A data input".

4. Next, head over to the A8B tab to generate A8B file.

5. Lastly, system will auto generate the Appendix 8B.

Important Notes:

  • A8A will be generated in the following events:
    ‣ Pay Item is tagged to IR8A code D9 (Value of benefits in kind)
    ‣ Employers have to complete this Appendix 8A form for employees who were provided with benefits-in-kind.

  • Kindly reach out to our Support Team if you can't find A8A and A8B tab.

Submitting IR8A/IR8S/A8A directly via API

1. To submit, go to the Summary Tab

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click VALIDATE & SUBMIT TO IRAS

3. In the pop-up screen, select the forms you'd like to submit and click SELECT

4. In the next screen, select SUBMIT AIS TO IRAS

5. Lastly, in the final pop-up screen click YES

Important Notes:

Once submitted, the Status under Year End Tax will be updated to Submitted. All past payroll will no longer be revertable to draft. Should there be any mistakes in the submitted files, you'll need to create an amendment file to correct the mistake.

Editing IR8S Forms

1. To edit IR8S Forms, navigate to the IR8S tab

2. Scroll down to the IR8S Data Input table and make the necessary amendments

3. Once completed, click SAVE

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