Here's how to manage Average Daily Wage (ADW) template on HReasily platform:

1. Go to Company Information on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to Average Daily Wage section and click on Go to Average Daily Wages Page

4. Next, select the particular "month" and click on Apply

Note: The past 12 months including "month selected" will be displayed in the table above

5. Input the data manually into the monthly "regarded wages" and "disregarded days", and the "average daily wage" column will be auto-calculated

Note: If you put no value (left blank) in that month for "regarded wage" and "disregarded days", the ADW calculation will not take blank cells into consideration.

6. Lastly, click on Download Report and the same table format with input values will be reflected in the report.


  • Calculation in this table is based on 2 decimal points.

  • The table does not automatically account for 4/5s of pay (e.g. "Maternity Leave" & "Paternity Leave")

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