1. Navigating to the marketplace is as simple as clicking on the Benefits tab found on the left column upon logging in. Ensure that you are on the new theme!

2. This is the homepage of our marketplace and it is also the place for you to browse products and services specially curated for you.

3. You can simply navigate to any of the product cards and click into it to find out more.

4. If you would like to narrow your search, you can use our filters to specifically browse products and services under that category.

5. You can also search for a particular product and service using the search bar.

6. Back to HReasily

Discover Feature

1. On this page, you will find all the information you need about the product that you are interested in.

2. On this page, you will learn about the product description, features, benefits and price & promotions (if any).

3. You can click on the image to scroll through all the pictures related to the product.

Future feature: You can also find out more about the provider of the product

Request for Contact

1. For certain products or services, you have the option to request for the provider to contact you if you require assistance.

2. Fill up the mandatory fields such as, First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, Email.

Future Enhancements: In the near future, your details will be pre-filled and all you need to do is click submit.

Call to Action

1. Depending on the product or service, the call to action will vary. Majority of the time you will be redirected to the providers website to complete the process.

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