Welcome aboard to HReasily! The next 30 days will be exciting times for your business as we work toward automating tedious HR, Payroll and even Accounting chores.

We've prepared a comprehensive guide to get you up and running in no time. Without any further ado, let's get started.

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  1. Homepage / Dashboard

  2. Basic Navigations

  3. Key Navigations

Finding your way around a new software can sometimes be quite a challenge. Lets start off by familiarizing ourselves with some key terms and functions.

Homepage / Dashboard

The homepage, sometimes referred to as your dashboard is the landing page you'll find yourself at upon login.

The following are the key features you'll find on your dashboard:

1. Calendar:

The calendar is a great way to gain a quick overview on what needs to be processed in the coming days while ensuring that you never miss celebrating your employees ever again.

By default, the calendar will be minimized to save space on the page. To have it expanded, click on the ↓ arrow.

Depending on your permission level, in the calendar, you'll be able to see the following:Upcoming Holidays [Federal & Custom Holidays]

  • Upcoming Employees Birthdays

  • Employee's Work Anniversary

  • Payroll & Statutory Submission Processing Reminders

  • Expiration of Employee Work Permits

  • Approved Annual Leaves

2. Monthly/Fortnightly Payroll and Ad-Hoc Payroll

Right beneath the calendar, you'll find the option to run your monthly/fortnightly payroll or ad-hoc payroll.

Just login, and get right into running your upcoming payroll directly from your dashboard.

3. Employee Leave Pending for Approval

Admins / Leave approving managers can conveniently view and approve submitted leave applications from the homepage.

4. Payslip History

Have all your employee payslip at the tip of your fingers at all time. Through this function, you can easily generate and review past employee payslips.

Basic Navigations

Now that we're familiar with the homepage/dashboard, let's explore the other navigation options.

1. Branch/Company

First up, is the branch/company. If you are managing multiple companies or branches, here's where you can navigate to the other companies/branches under your care.

System Admins can also create new branch/company accounts through this navigation.

2. View your profile

Rather than scrolling through your company's list of employees to locate your personal employee profile, you may instead use this navigation to navigate directly.

3. Settings

Last but not least is the settings navigation where you'll be able to access the following:

  • User Settings
    ‣ Changing Password
    ‣ Enable OTP (one-time password)
    ‣ Change Site Language

  • Billing and Invoices

  • Sign Out

Key Navigations

In terms of day-to-day operations, there's really only two key navigations you'll need to familiarize yourself with. Both these navigations can be found on the left column of the screen.

1. Company Information:

Based on the modules you've subscribed to on HReasily, here's where you can manage all the settings on a company level. Employees will not have access to this tab unless granted permission.

The payroll tab is where you'll be able to update your company bank details, cpf details, add pay items etc. No worries! we'll revisit this in Step 3 of 4 with an extended guide.

2. Staff Information:

Here's where you'll be managing all things staff related. This section is typically managed by an HR personnel when onboarding new employees, termination of an employee or updating an employee's promotion.

On a higher level, here's where you'll be able to:

  • Add Multiple Employees

  • Clone Employees
    ‣ This allows you to clone an employee profile from a separate branch or company that you are managing.

  • Add Employee

  • Delete Employee

  • Generate Employee Detail Report

Through the Staff Information tab, you can also dive deeper into an individual employee's profile to manage settings based on the modules you've subscribed with HReasily.

On top of that, you have additional option to input the following information:

  • Contract

  • Skill

  • Education

  • Document (File upload: max 50mb)

And of course, to get back to your dashboard/homepage, simply click the home icon.

Now that you've covered the basics of HReasily, it's time for us to officially kickstart our 4-steps on-boarding process. You'll be ready to run your payrolls with HReasily in no time.

Running Your First Payroll [Step 1 of 4]

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