Upon creating all the necessary leave types, it is time to have them assigned to the respective employees.

There are two ways to assign leave types:

  1. Assign to Multiple Employee

  2. Assign to Individual Employee


Assign to Multiple Employees

1. Go to Company Information

2. Click on the Leave Info tab.

3. Scroll down until you see Leave Type List.

4. Navigate to the Leave Type you'd like to assign and select Assign to Multiple Employee.

5. Tick the checkbox of the employee(s) you'd like to assign a leave type to.

6. [OPTIONAL] You may amend the entitlement amount if it differs from setup simply by updating the entitlement field.

7. Lastly, select Put to Selected and click SAVE MULTI ASSIGN.


Assign to Individual Employee

1. Go to Staff Information

2. Click on the name of the employee you'd like to assign leave types to.

3. Click on the Leave Info tab.

4. Scroll down to Employee Leave Types then click ADD LEAVE TYPE.

5. Lastly, in the pop up screen, select the leave type you'd like to assign, make the necessary changes to the leave balance and hit SAVE.

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