Upon approving all unpaid leaves, here's how to sync any approved unpaid leave into payroll. Kindly follow these steps:

1. Go to Dashboard menu.

2. Navigate to Monthly/Fortnightly Payroll or Ad Hoc Payroll section and click on MANAGE.

3. At your payroll table, a No-Pay Leave column will appear under the deductions section. No-Pay Leaves are automatically calculated based on the following formula:

[(Gross Salary * 12 months)/Total number of WORKING DAYS in a year] x 

No. of Unpaid Leave days taken

Note: Kindly reach out to our support team if you require further info.


Additional Help:

1. How can I review the No-Pay Leave calculations?
Answer: Double clicking the No-Pay Leave value will prompt a pop-up screen where you'll be able to see the hourly rate and unpaid leave days taken info.

2. How will the deduction breakdown reflect in payslip?
Answer: Payslips will reflect the total hours breakdown and unpaid leave dates. If you'd like to add more info, you may do so by adding your comments.

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