A timely paid employee is a happy employee. Let's quickly setup your company payroll info to ensure timely and accurate processing of your employee's payroll.

This setup is important to ensure that the generated Bank Giro and CPF file for submission is accurate.

There are 2 parts to this guide:

Part 1: Company Payroll Info
Part 2: Adding and Assigning of Pay Items

Part 1: Company Payroll Info

1. Go to Company Information

2. Navigate to the Payroll Tab

3. Scroll down to the Company Payroll Info section and click the EDIT button

4. In the pop-up window, fill in all mandatory details indicated by the * and click SAVE


  • First Payroll Run indicates the first payroll month that will be processed on HReasily. Backdating of historical payroll can be managed separately via the ad-hoc payroll function. This setting cannot be amended once set.

Part 2: Adding and Assigning of Pay Items

Pay items are the additional components that makes up a person’s pay. Example: commissions, bonus, various claims and more.

By default, HReasily provides you with 27 commonly used Pay Items

There are 2 parts to this section:

  1. Creating New Pay Items

  2. Assigning Pay Items to Employees

Part 2a: Creating New Pay Items

If the default pay item isn't suffice, you can create custom ones following these steps:

1. On the Company Information > Payroll Info page, scroll to the Pay Items List section and click CREATE

2. In the pop-up window, go ahead and fill up all mandatory fields indicated by the * in accordance to your requirements. Once done, click SAVE

to learn more about the different amount types, click here

Part 2b: Assigning Pay Items to Employees

Now that you've created all the necessary Pay Items, it's time to have them assigned to the respective employees of which it applies to.

1. To do so, click on the ASSIGN TO MULTIPLE EMPLOYEE button found beside the pay item

2. In the pop-up window, tick the names of the employees you'd like to assign the pay item to and click PUT TO SELECTED

3. Lastly, once all have been selected, click SAVE MULTI ASSIGN


  • Users may opt not to assign pay items to employees and instead only have them added when processing payroll.

  • Pre-assigning pay items are best for fixed variables. Example: recurring fixed allowances.

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