In order to create a claim type, you'll need to first setup a pay item to be linked with the claim type.

Pay items for claim types must be set as Variable Amount Type and Ad-hoc Variable Amount Type.

1. Go to Company Information

2. Navigate to the Claim Info tab

3. Under the Claim Types section, click CREATE

4. In the pop-up window, update the claim settings and click SAVE.

  • Payroll Pay Item Id
    [Select the pay item that will be linked to this claim when processing payroll]

  • Type Name *
    [You may assign a different title for the claim which will be reflected when a user is applying for a claim]

  • Maximum Limit
    • % of monthly salary
    • % of annual salary
    • Fixed amount per month
    • Fixed amount per year
    • Unlimited

  • Maximum Limit Value *

  • Days after joined date before claim is available

  • Include this claim type in payroll
    [If unticked, any approved claim(s) for this claim type will not be sync into payroll. ONLY untick this option if claims are processed on a separate software or in the even claim(s) are paid using petty cash]

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