All approved claim(s) within the same payroll period are automatically synced into your payroll table.

The synced amount will be greyed out and cannot be edited. To make any changes to the synced amount, admins will have to cancel the approved claim and have it re-submitted.

Additional Help:

1. Employee claims are not showing up!

a. Double check to ensure the claim(s) has been approved. Only APPROVED claim(s) will be synced into the payroll.

b. Ensure that the claim(s) approval date falls within the payroll period. Only claim(s) approved in the same period will be synced. If there are claims to be processed from a separate payroll period/month, you may create an ad-hoc payroll to process it.

c. Ensure that the Claim Application(s) did not have the following option enabled:

'Do not reflect claim in payroll' option is primarily used when creating backdated claims and claims that have been paid via petty cash.

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