• Business Basic Info

  • Staff Basic Info

  • Staff Payroll Info

  • Company Payroll Info

With the above information properly setup, running your payroll on HReasily will be nothing but a walk in the park.

PRO TIP: If you are migrating from another software, it is most advisable to run a parallel payroll for the first month to ensure all calculations tallies.

1. To run payroll, go to your Dashboard/Homepage



If you are seeing MANAGE PAYROLL instead of RUN PAYROOLL, it means that your company payroll info is not complete. Kindly ensure that you've update your company payroll info

3. Based on your settings: Monthly/Fortnightly, HReasily will generate a draft payroll.

Before approving the payroll, we'll just need to double check all amounts and enter any additional Pay Item amounts. To do so, select MANAGE.

4. Update your Payroll Basic Detail and SAVE:

  • Title*

  • Payment Date*
    [Note: Payment Dates are reflected on payslips]

  • Payment Notification Date*
    [Notification emails/sms will be sent based on this date at 8pm]
    ‣ The day when the payroll is approved/closed
    ‣ 1 day after payroll is approved/closed
    ‣ 2 days after payroll is approved/closed
    ‣ 3 days after payroll is approved/closed
    ‣ Others [User defined date]

  • Payslip Notification Message

  • [Message displayed in Email Notification]

5. Scroll down to the payroll table where you can make adjustment to your pay item amounts.

6. Once all completed, you are ready to submit the payroll for approval or approve it directly.

With that, you've successfully processed your monthly payroll!

Additional Tips:

    If you've made any amendments to your payroll basic details or employee basic / payroll info, be sure to hit the RELOAD TABLE button to ensure all information is updated.

    Add additional comments/notes to your pay items simply by Right Clicking > Add Comment

  • View Payslips
    If you'd like to view how pay items will be displayed on the payslip, go ahead and click View Payslip beneath the employee's name.

  • Download Report
    To easily share or review the monthly payroll, you may also opt to download the report to view in .xlsx(excel) format.

Congratulations on successfully running your payroll with HReasily. If you require further assistance, here's how you can get help

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