Upon registering employee's photos, now you can set up time in locations accordingly. Kindly follow these steps:

1. Go to Company Information

2. Navigate to the Time Attendance Info tab

3. Scroll down to the Time Attendance Locations section and click ADD NEW LOCATION

4. Enter a name and location address. Then indicate the radius of coverage. Finally click SAVE

5. To assign the created location, click ACTIONS > Assign to Multiple Employee

6. Tick the employees you'd like to assign the location to and click SAVE.

Additional Tips:

  • Due to poor GPS connection when indoors or due to older devices, it is recommended to set a radius of 300 - 500.

  • For field staff that does not have a fixed location, you may assign a location with radius set to '999999999'.

  • Employees with multiple assigned locations must time-out at the time-in location before timing-in at the new location.

  • To double check the pinned location, simply click on the Coordinates. If pinned location is not accurate, kindly reach out to our support team with the correct coordinates.

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