To sync any approved overtime, lateness, undertime payments or deductions, just follow the following steps:

1. Go to Dashboard menu

2. Navigate to Monthly/Fortnightly Payroll List section and click on MANAGE

3. At your payroll table, click the SYNC DATA FROM TIME ATTENDANCE button found on the top right corner

4. In the pop-up screen, navigate to the respective employee name by clicking on DETAILS

5. Tick on the attendance data you want to add as pay item(s) then click on ADD ALL PAY ITEMS

Note: You can also change the pay item(s) component by clicking on Pay Item Name column (if applicable)

6. Once loaded, all approved overtime, lateness and undertime calculation will be reflected in the payroll table.

Important Note(s):

  • Overtime, lateness and undertime must be approved in the same period as the payroll run in order for information to sync.

Additional Help:

1. Where can I review the calculations?
Answer: Double clicking the Pay Item(s) value (e.g: Double Holiday + Rest day Overtime) will prompt a pop-up screen where you'll be able to see the hourly rate and overtime pay-rate taken info.

2. Will the payslip reflect the earnings/deduction breakdown?
Answer: Yes, the payslip will reflect the the total overtime/lateness hours and overtime/lateness dates. If you'd like to add more info, you may do so by adding your personalized comments.

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