Here's how to set a prorated allowance for employees:

1. Go to Manage Company on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to the Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to the Pay Items List section and click on the CREATE

4. On the pop-up window, complete all required details and click SAVE


  • Pay Item Category must be set as Addition

  • Set CPF category as Additional Wages or Ordinary Wages

  • Pay Item Amount Type must be set as Fixed

  • Tick on the Prorated box

5. Next, assign this prorated pay item by clicking on the ACTIONS > Assign to Multiple Employee

6. Tick the employee(s), you want to asssign the pay item to

7. Once completed, click SAVE. Pay Item will automatically prorate based on employees' joined date and/or resigned date.

Important Note:

  • Prorated allowance only works with Monthly Fixed working hours

  • Prorated allowance will only works with Monthly Payroll Run or Adhoc Payroll run

  • Prorated pay item calculation will be rounded up to 2 decimal places based on this formula:

[Pay Item Amount / Working Days in Month] x Total No of Effective Working Days

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