An appraisal form is a document that managers and human resources use to evaluate staff's performance. On an appraisal form, managers keep track of staff’s achievements and contributions during a specific period of time.

Now, you're able to create your appraisal form in HReasily. This guide will cover these areas:

  1. Creating Staff's Appraisal Form

  2. Generating Appraisal Report

Creating Staff's Appraisal Form

Admin must be granted as a Staff Manager (Manage Staffeasily) permission to be able to add staff's appraisal.

1. Go to Staff Directory on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to the staff's profile that you'd like to review and hit GO

3. Next, navigate to the staff's Appraisal page

4. Click Add New Appraisal to proceed

5. On the pop-up window, put any relevant comments to assess staff's performance

6. On the bottom of the page, you might choose a score to assess employees' skills then click SAVE to proceed

Generating Appraisal Report

1. Go to Manage Company on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to company Appraisal page

3. Next, click Generate Report to download staff's appraisal result

4. Lastly, appraisal report will be downloaded in an Excel File.

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