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HReasily is one of the HR/Payroll solutions qualified for the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB). This means that eligible Food Services and Retail enterprises, with UEN incorporated on or before 26 May 2020, can possibly receive up to SGD 10,000 bonus payout, subject to a list of criteria here.

IMDA encourages monthly and regular use of each of the solutions. For the DRB, the customer does not have to meet all the requirements in the same month. IMDA will track the UEN in their system until the customer meets all requirements. The customer will be entitled to the payout once all criteria are met.

For most updated information, please refer to Digital Resilience Bonus (IMDA).

Kindly refer to the terms below:

I am interested in the Digital Resilience Bonus. How do I apply for it?

No application is required by you. Instead, please follow this instructions:

  1. Contact us at Live Chat to let us know

  2. Approve a payroll report on our system at least once in the month

  3. Ensure that Company Name and Business Registration Number on your HReasily Company Basic Info is updated correctly per your UEN details.

In line with IMDA guidelines, HReasily will submit your UEN to IMDA under the HR/Payroll solution as long as you have a qualifying transaction i.e. approve a payroll report in the month. Submissions are accepted monthly and we are unable to submit for past qualifying months.


I have not set up my PayNow Corporate account and Invoice Now, can I still inform HReasily for the Digital Resilience Bonus now?

Yes you can still inform HReasily for the DRB now. You need not have a valid PayNow Corporate account and Invoice Now in the same month as the qualifying transaction.

E.g. If you have a payroll transaction in 1-31 Mar 2021, but only created your Paynow Corporate and Invoice Now on 1 May 2021, assuming you meet all other criteria, you will receive your payout in the subsequent month (i.e. June 2021) after all criteria is fulfilled.


What is a qualifying transaction?

A qualifying transaction refers to a payroll report that is approved in the month. This payroll report start and end date can be any date.

E.g. Today (4 Mar 2021), you approve the payroll report: Salary Payment for 1-31 Jan 2021. Since this payroll report is approved today, you are considered to have a qualifying transaction for 1-31 Mar 2021.


When will I receive my DRB payout?

Processing time will take about 1 month, upon completion of all criteria listed here.


I have not received the DRB payout. How do I check the status of my DRB submission and payout details?

You can check your status on the DRB Portal at Please refer to the IMDA website here for more information.

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