This guide will cover two parts:

Kindly refer to this guide should you need to find out more about MTD Contributions.

Generate MTD file submission

1. Go to Manage Company option on the left sidebar.

2. Navigate to the Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to the MTD File section

4. Click "Generate Bank File" for submission through bank or "Generate e-PCB File" for submission through the e-Data PCB website.

How to submit MTD file online?

Do ensure you've activated the account after registration before using the system.

1. Log in to your account in e-Data PCB.

2. Click Muatnaik/Semak Fail Teks. Then, click the Browse button and select the CP39 text files generated from HReasily.

3. Click the file name to validate the text file.

4. Once it shows 'LULUS', click the button to proceed.

5. Click the update.

6. Insert the payment information, and submit when you're done.

7. You will get the confirmation slip number once it's successfully submitted.

8. You may then generate the payment receipt.

For payment via FPX, kindly refer to this article for more information.


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