HRDF levy payment should be made no later than the 15th date of the month in which the payment falls due, as stated under Regulation 8(1) of the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Registration of Employers and Payment of Levy) Regulations, 2001.

Kindly follow these steps to make HRDF payment:

1. Login to the e-TRiS system through HRDF Portal

2. Next, enter username (MyCoID) and password and click Login to proceed

3. Upon logging in, then click “Application”

4. Click “Levy”

5. Click “Form 2 E-Slip”. On the “Payment Type” choose:

  • Levy *(Choose Payment for “Levy”)

  • Arrears

  • Interest

6. Next, complete the information needed in “Levy Payment Information” tab:

  • Payment Type (Levy)

  • Payment Levy For The Month

  • Number of Employee (xxx)

  • Total Wages (RMxxx)

  • Total Levy to Be Paid RM [Auto Calculate]

7. Proceed by clicking “NEXT” to page“PAYMENT TO BE MADE”

  • Check data on screen “PAYMENT INFORMATION”

  • Upon checking, click “NEXT” to proceed

8. Next, check the “PAYMENT DETAIL” & fill up the “DECLARATION” information details including:

  • Name of the Officer In charge

  • Identity Card (IC) Number

  • Designation

  • Email Address

9. Choose the “PAYMENT METHOD” and select "ONLINE PAYMENT"

10. Lastly, choose Banks you'd like to use to make payment:

  • Public Bank Berhad (PBB)

  • RHB Bank Berhad or


Note: Kindly follow bank's system instruction to proceed to the following steps

The processed payment will be updated in three (3) working days after the payments made. Employers are advised to check the levy payment status via the Levy Statement in the e-TRiS system.


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