As a company/HR manager, you might want to add and manage custom fields to record employees' info. With a custom field, you're able to customize employees' additional information. Now, we've got you covered!


If you'd like to activate the Custom Field feature, kindly contact our support team via the live chat or send us an email to

Once enabled, here's how to add custom field in HReasily:

1. Go to Manage Company on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to Other tab

Note: You can only find the 'Other' tab once the custom field feature is enabled.

4. Click CREATE to add custom field

Note: Maximum number of custom field is 5 for each company

5. In the pop-up screen, fill in Custom Field Name then hit SAVE

6. Once saved, you'll see the list of all custom fields you've created

7. Next, go ahead to Staff Directory found on the left sidebar

8. Navigate to the employee's profile you'd like to set the Custom Field to, and hit GO

9. Next, head over to Other tab

10. Hit EDIT to enter Staff Custom Field information

11. In the pop-up screen, fill in the info and hit SAVE to proceed.

12. Once saved, you'll see the additional informations you've recorded.

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