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HReasily is one of the pre-approved HR/Payroll solutions qualified for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). With up to 80% funding support, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports companies keen on adopting IT solutions to enhance business processes.

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I am interested in the Productivity Solutions Grant. What are the requirements?

To apply for PSG, ensure your eligibility as a small-medium enterprise (SME) in Singapore.

• Is your company registered and operating in Singapore?
• Is HReasily to be used in Singapore?
• Does your company have a minimum of 30% local shareholding?
• Does your company have either an annual sales turnover of no more than S$100M or employ fewer than 200 employees?
• Are you a new customer of HReasily or intending to deploy our solution to a new location?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above questions, contact HReasily and let us know that you would like to subscribe for our service under the PSG grant. We have five fixed packages for you to choose from and will guide you along the next few steps.


How is the PSG application process?

Receive an unsigned quotation from HReasily and log into Business Grants Portal (BGP) personally with your Corp Pass to apply for PSG. The approval will take 4-6 weeks, sometimes faster.


How do I submit my PSG application?

Receive an unsigned quotation from HReasily and log into Business Grants Portal (BGP) personally with your Corp Pass to apply for PSG.

1. Log in to Business Grants Portal and go to Applications > Get New Grant

2. Choose the Business Sector that best describes your company

3. Select the option to Upgrade key business areas

4. Select Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions

5. Select the solution you intend to purchase.

Note: The number of employees in the package selected

6. In the next screen, set as below:

  • When do you intend to start using this solution: Please select at least 1 day after date of application

  • Does your business currently have this or similar solution at any location?: Please state No

  • Why do you need this solution?: You may fill in your own reasons of choosing a solution.

    Example: “Our company would like to improve HR processes from manual computation to automated processes and be compliant with MOM regulations.”

  • Upload supporting document: Attach a PDF copy of your quote. Please DO NOT ACCEPT quote before submission.

7. Next, describe how the solution will change the way you do things.

Example: “HReasily’s solution helps us improve productivity by streamlining HR work

processes such as payroll processing, digitizing/capturing documentation, employment contracts, staff management, leave and claims management etc while remaining affordable.”

8. Enter your business location and hit SAVE/NEXT

Once your application has been approved, notify your HReasily sales representative that you would like to proceed with payment and onboarding. We will issue the invoice to you and you will make payment for 100% of the invoice value.


How do I submit my claims?

Claims can only be submitted after deployment and full payment is made. You may submit the claims via Business Grants Portal (BGP) personally with a Corp Pass.

Important Notes:

  • Full payment must be made before submitting claim.

  • You must have used HReasily for at least one month before submitting claims.

With the necessary documents submitted, the grant reimbursement will take 4-6 weeks. Please find the list of supporting documents below:

  1. Invoice – This is available in your HReasily Account, under Billing and Invoice

  2. Screenshots showing (i) Company Name, (ii) Name of IT solution, (iii) License number of software

  3. Receipt or copy of payment made


    • Usage of credit card can be accepted as a payment method for sole proprietorships where the owner of the card is the sole proprietor.

    • In the case of corporate entities, there has to be clarity (and documents) undertaking that expenses incurred were by the company and not of a personal nature. The company will need to show reimbursement to the director / individual who has paid using their credit card.

  4. Bank statement showing payment


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