Here's how you can process your employee's salary on BizChannel@CIMB Internet Banking.

Ensure that you've generated the GIRO file from your HReasily account. If you are unsure of how to, kindly visit the following guide

1. Login to BizChannel@CIMB

2. Click on the ‘Payments’ from the left side menu and select ‘Payroll’ from the dropdown list

3. Set the File Details section as follows then click on ‘Confirm’ toto submit file for authorization:

  • File Format : Select % Delimiter

  • File Type : Select Non Encrypted

  • File Upload : Upload your Giro file from HReasily, no numbers in the bracket

  • Beneficiary Type: Select Domestic

  • Transfer Service:

    • GIRO: will be taking up to 2 working days

    • FAST: Immediate Transfer

Note: Your file has been submitted for acceptance with the status ‘Pending Approval’

4. The authorizer will need to approve or reject the transaction before it is submitted to the Bank for processing

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