This guide will show you how to enable cross-month payroll in order to calculate employee salaries, allowances, deductions, and other pay items processing.

Follow these steps to run your cross-month payroll process:

1. Go to Manage Company found on the left sidebar

2. Navigate to Payroll Info tab

3. Scroll down to Company Payroll Info and hit EDIT

4. Next, scroll down to Payroll Details section and tick “Enable cross-month payroll”

5. Set the cut-off date and hit SAVE to proceed.

6. Once saved, now it's time to run your payroll. Click here to start.


  • To run a cross-month payroll period from 26 June - 25 July, put 25 as the cut-off date.

  • Once saved, cut-off date can't be amended. Kindly reach out to our Support Team if you require further assistance.

  • If cross-month payroll has been enabled, users cannot run an ad-hoc payroll that crosses the cut off date. This is because the date range after the cut-off date would be reflected in the next month’s payroll.

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