Here's how you can process your employee's salary on Citibank Internet Banking:

  1. Import Transactions

  2. Approving Payments

Ensure that you've generated the GIRO file from your HReasily account. If you are unsure of how to, kindly visit the following guide

Import Transactions

1. Login to Citibank Internet Banking.

2. Go to Files Services, select To Run under Import Transactions session.

3. Select Template Name and then click Run.

4. Click Add Files and then click Upload File.

5. After file import Success, click OK.

6. Select To Run History tab to check file import result.

Approving Payments

1. Under the Payments tab, select To Authorize under Payment Initiation.

2. Select the payment(s) under Payments to Authorize then click Authorize.

3. Input Response and click OK.

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