Some employees may forget to time out on the web or mobile. As a result, on the next day, either they will need to request their manager to time out for them (for those that are not at the location anymore). With this feature, system will automatically time out for employees based on the time pre-set by the company.

Here's how to set automated time out for employees:

1. Go to Manage Company

2. Navigate to Time tab

3. Scroll down to Time Attendance Advance Setting section and click EDIT

4. Scroll down to Time Out Settings then tick the box beside Automatically Time Out for Employees option

5. Next, set the automated Time Out time and hit SAVE to complete the set up.

Important Notes:

  • This is only applicable to: Time in/out via web, Time In/out via mobile (with and without FR)

  • System will not cover night shift scenarios
    Settings @7pm
    Time in @ Mon, 12 jul 7 or 8pm
    Time out @ Tues, 12 jul 10pm

If it is the scenario as above (same or bigger than settings), we will leave the field blank.

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